Parables from Nature - DVD Set



A series of cartoon stories retell and explain the parables of Jesus. Preschool and primary ages. 6 Story series on 2 videos, 30 min. each. DVD only.
Series 1 - The Wind and the Seeds, The Fairy Ring, The Pearl of Great Price.
Series 2 - Speedy the Snail, Bruso the Beaver, Justus the Ant.
Series 3 - Corky the Crow, Silly Excuses, House of the Wren
Series 4 - The Busy Bee, School Days in the Ocean, Dr. Retriever's Surprise.
Series 5 - Peppy the Pup, Chuckie the Chipmunk, Bushy the Squirrel
Series 6 - Bootsie the Lamb, The Feather That Was Lost, Commencement at the Obedience School